After a pastoral education, Richard Meros entered into the world of publishing with the release of On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover (2005). A slew of well wishing reviews, including praise as the 'underground publishing hit of the decade (NZ Listener),  put Meros in good steed. With the help of the team at Lawrence & Gibson, he released a follow up, Richard Meros salutes the Southern Man (2007) as well as the 'Nestor Notabilis' penned I know someone who knows someone who knows Kevin Roberts quite well (2007). During this time he also oversaw the expansion of the Lawrence & Gibson publishing collective to take on new authors.

In 2008 the theatrical adaptation of his debut stormed the nation's theaters. Meros made hay with the release of Beggars & Choosers: The Complete Written Correspondence between Richard Meros and Creative New Zealand volume one, before traveling overland across the Eurasian continent. During this trip he spent four months in both Aleppo, Syria and Tbilisi, Georgia, where along with a number of new books, he penned his reflections on life in Pakistan and Tajikistan which were published in the NZ Listener and the Dominion Post. His writings have also appeared in White Fungus, Hue and Cry and as a commissioned essay for arts curatorial group Letting Space.

In 2011 he returned to Wellington to release Privatising Parts and Zebulon: A cautionary tale. In 2012 he released two more books with Easy Whistle Solo and $30 Meat Pack: The Complete Written Correspondence between Richard Meros and Creative New Zealand volume two both appearing in November. With a wide range of reviews his reputation has been upgraded by the Dominion Post from underground writer to having a cult following.

The theatrical adaptation for Richard Meros salutes the Southern Man sees Geoff Pinfield and Arthur Meek take on the challenge of another Meros-based solo show in 2012. After a succesful season at Bats, they toured Aotearoa/New Zealand, before returning to Downstage in November/December.

Meanwhile, at Bats in early October 2012, Heleyni Pratley served up her (neo-) liberal interpretation of Privatsing Parts with direction from Eleanor Bishop. The show toured through Australia/New Zealand in 2012/13.

Meros' most recent book is Dating Westerners: tips for the new rich of the developing world.

In 2015 he was the recipient of the Horoeka Grant, established by Eleanor Catton to give writers the change to indulge in a spell of reading. He published the essay 'New Bourgeoizealand' in response.

Richard Meros (l) with his Senior (r)