A series of intimate hand portraits responding to a month of solitude.

Having focused intensely on diet and exercise over the month, Meros was reacting to the tension between two beliefs which contradict one another in the vague vegan, liberal ethos. The first belief is that man is an animal. The second belief is that you are what you eat. In these series of photos we see Meros first gripping the soaked grains, and then letting it go, playing on the tensions between the aggressively political and a heartfelt openness as attitudes towards the politics of food.

Meros is man, zoon politikon, who does not eat dead animals. He grasps at the dahl but he can not feel the triumphalism of the hunter. His fist tightens until it resembles the clenched fist of the Polynesian Panther. And then, as he realizes his impotence in relation to the food, he lets go. Dahl falls between his fingers. Other dahl sticks to his fingers. Meros is defeated, and yet he still pledges, “I am an animal not a grain. I am an animal. I am not a grain. I am not a grain!”

"Nor, good sir, am I banana skin!"