Twig, Bug, or some think else

This piece was produced by Meros in conjunction with Dr S. Barker and his team of photographers at Wellington hospital on Riddiford Street and exhibited at ‘Mark’s Place’ on the Terrace in central Wellington from July 1st 2011.

The exhibition was based on a game where guests had to guess the materials that made the work. The basis for the art was an inflamation in Meros check which had been surgically removed and then photographed.

The options for what had been extracted from his face were (a) a twig, (b) a bug, or (c) something else. Guests were told the following information:
(1) Meros had been in Scotland a year earlier. There he had been camping in twiggy areas.
(2) Following Scotland he went to a vodka fuelled wedding in Estonia.
(3) After that he traveled from Tajikistan to Malaysia, via Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China, Laos and Thailand.

Meros suggested that there was a possibility that option (a), the twig, could have entered his face either (a) during camping or (b) on a fairly brutal return hike to Valentin’s delightful base camp in the Altyn Arashan mountains, south-west of Lake Issy-Kol. The opportunities for some kind of bug, option (b) to impregnate Meros’ cheek were not denied. He noted that while he had returned to New Zealand on October 30th 2010, the bump was only noticed two weeks later. The bug could have made a home in his face anywhere from Dushanbe to Lyall Bay. And then there was the third mystery possibility.

Only two of the people who passed through the exhibition space guessed the correct answer. Can you? Email richardmeros (at) hotmail (punta) com with your guess and he will tell you if you are correct or incorrect.

The actual art exhibition was based on the three photos below. Those looking for a tip in guessing what was in Meros' face can assess these images. Those looking for a tip as to which Meros is the real Meros ought to look for a 10mm in diametre scar on his lower right cheek, just above the jawbone.